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are you suffering with excess ear wax?

Ear Microsuction_edited.jpg

Ear wax is created naturally by our ears and is there to provide moisture and protect the ear canal from dust and other environmental damage. However, too much wax build up can cause issues such as:


Hearing loss




Blocked sensation

Microsuction is the gold standard for the removal of excess wax from your ears by using a small suction tube and probe.  Our nurse will check the general health of your ears and if any wax is present, microsuction may be used to “hoover” out the debris.

It may be noisy and you may feel some strange sensations, there may be slight discomfort but if it is painful the procedure will be stopped immediately. 

We do not recommend using cotton buds in the ear as it can push wax deeper into your ear canal where it is more difficult to come out and can potentially cause trauma.

Microsuction is the easiest and most convenient way to get your wax out!

Consultation & Treatment - £65.00 (includes both ears)

If, after inspection, no wax is present then a consultation fee of just £25 will apply.



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