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ultrasound cavitation

What Is It?

Ultrasound Cavitation is the answer to liposuction without the surgery and a perfect treatment for those wishing to lose inches and regain their body confidence. Treatments such as fat freezing are ideal for those with small pockets of fat, however, this type of treatment is perfect for those wanting to see an overall reduction in body circumference.

How Does It Work?

The treatment is a non-surgical and non-invasive body contouring procedure which destroys fat cells by using low frequency sound waves. The vibration from these sound waves causes the break down of the cell membrane, liquefying and releasing fatty acids from the cells which are then disposed of naturally by the body. 

To achieve the best results, we advise that cavitation is combined with our other technologies such as radio frequency skin tightening or fat melting, along with shockwave therapy to help the body to expel the disintegrated fat cells. However, our therapists will advise the best treatment plan for you based on your requirements and expectations.

what is shockwave therapy?

Acoustic Wave Therapy, also known as Shockwave Therapy uses Radial Pressure Waves which are pulses generated by compressed air. This drives a projectile in a cylinder, located inside a handpiece, to a shock transmitter.

This cylinder then hits the tip of the handpiece pushing the energy into the skin.

In turn, this shrinks and permeates fat cells promoting fat metabolism and improving the connective tissue elasticity

Are The Results Instant?

Some clients will see an improvement following the first treatment but to gain the best results a course of 8 treatments is recommended.


The most popular treatment areas are the buttocks, abdomen, love handles (muffin tops), upper arms and thighs. Ultrasound cavitation is especially effective for the improvement of cellulite particularly when used in conjunction with Shockwave Therapy.


How Many Treatments Should I Have?

The gain the best results, a course of 8 treatments is recommended followed by monthly maintenance treatments.



Consultation - £25


20 mins - £70

Course of 8 - £490

30 mins - £85.00

Course of 8 - £595

40 mins - £120.00

Course of 8 - £840

Cavitation & RF & Shockwave Combined

40 mins - £125.00

Course of 8 - £875

60 mins - £150.00

Course of 8 - £1050

80 mins - £175.00

Course of 8 - £1225

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