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The 3D Lipo HydrO2 Facial is the complete facial solution to a whole host of skin concerns including dehydration, signs of ageing, loose skin dullness and even congestion.


Through a combination of seven advanced technologies, our practitioner will tailor a facial that's specific to your skin type and requirements. At the end of your treatment, your skin will feel smooth, hydrated and cleansed. 

The Technologies

1. Hydro peel/deep cleanse

2. Exfoliation

3. Oxygenation

4. Skin Lifting

5. Skin Tightening

6. Fire and ice facial

Clear Skin Express Facial

30 mins - £60

Clear Skin Facial

60 mins - £95

Brightening Express Facial

30 mins - £60

Brightening Skin Facial

60 mins - £95

Brightening Plus Facial

90 mins - £145

Time Defence Express Facial

30 mins - £60

Time Defence Facial

60 mins - £95

Time Defence Plus Facial

90 mins - £145

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